Pen Bryn Farm LLC

About Us

Pen Bryn Farm, LLC was started in 2003 as a breeding and boarding farm. We started out with just two mares, Rosie & Penny, and two prospect broodmares, Deja & Florianne. Our first foals were born in 2004, Drizzle & Devine.

In 2007 Digby and Rosenprinz qualified for the sport horse breeders championship, Rosenprinz was the 6th top Hanoverian yearling in the Country. Since then we have continued to fine tune our program, breeding our mares to world class bloodlines to produce beautiful talented sport horse prospects.


A Little About Valerie

"I started as one of the "horse-crazy" girls in the neighborhood, and started riding at age 9 with 4-H.  I rode a lot of my friend's crazy horses of various breeds which were popular at the time.  This helped improve my riding, and I worked as a polo pony exercise rider through High School.   While in graduate school at UC-Berkeley I spent time with Thoroughbred trainer friends at Bay Meadows and Golden Gate Fields.  During this time I learned about the TB racing industry.  I got my first horse, an off-the-track Thoroughbred, for free in California (and still have him today).  I brought him back to Wisconsin with me and became interested in dressage.  While I love my TB, Little Big Guy, I realized he did not enjoy dressage as much as I did.  He also had a way of "losing" guest riders, by waiting until his rider was distracted or off balance, and suddenly shifting his weight out from under you.  He taught me a lot, and I become a really good defensive rider. "

"The first time a friend and I took Penny and Rosie on trail, we galloped them side by side, and then dropped the reins and they just walked politely.  It was so nice to have a horse that was on my side! There was no looking for things to shy on or weaving off course.  They just galloped straight and had as much fun as we did!     

"When I was a kid I never heard of Warmbloods, and they were not popular in this country.  I love the way they are tuned-in to work with humans, and really want to perform and please their riders!"

"Now that I am older, and have more demands on my time, I appreciate having the "Cadillac" of horses.  It's nice to just get on and ride.  You don't have to worry about whether they have been worked for awhile, or whether their feet are having problems, or whether their legs can't take the strain of work, etc.  Even though the up-front cost for a Warmblood is higher, they are extremely safe, fun and low maintenance."   

"I figured there were probably a lot of other riders like myself in this Country, who just want a safe, talented horse, so you can focus on meeting your training goals without perpetual set-backs of lameness, moodiness, skittish-nes, etc. This is the reason why I decided to breed Warmblood horses.  They are spectacular horses.   They enjoy work and learn quickly.  If you treat them right, they will give you their heart and soul.  For me, there is no going back!"

"Currently I live with my husband and 3 children.  I work as a Psychologist for the Veteran's Administration, treating soldiers with Posttraumatic Stress disorder and Substance Abuse Problems.  Horses have always been my passion, and I can't imagine life without them!" - Valerie

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